There is nothing more important to a company than its brand. Today, many businesses have a video content presence on their websites, microsites, YouTube channels, and Facebook. MotionLife Media has worked with many Boston-area companies to expand their brand reach. WS Development, a retail development company, has requested dozens of customized video content for their regional shopping centers, holidays, and events. Foodies Urban Markets, a Boston-area gourmet grocery-store chain, contracted a series of informative videos profiling their recently opened South Boston market and its impact on the community.
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An event video need no longer be dry and uninspired. There are now numerous ways to re-imagine a video record of significant events while adding an engaging branding component. For WS Development again, the multi-year construction project of their new headquarters and flagship shopping center in Chestnut Hill, The Street, required a series of informative construction updates for returning Facebook visitors. For GE Healthcare, a medical conference in New Orleans was an opportunity to showcase the talents of a 3D chalk artist outside the conference facility, and the final video encapsulates a process that spanned three days.
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One of the most common yet challenging assignments is the ubiquitous talking head interview. Seeming deceptively simple, a well produced interview requires a relaxed, confident rapport with the subject. In addition, no interview in a CEO’s office should require two hours of lighting setup. Equipment needs to be portable and the process needs to be efficient: get in, put the subject at ease, make certain you’ve got all the angles you need for editorial, and get out. Cengage Learning, a leading provider in textbook publishing, sought out a producer/director to help them create a teaser video for their latest Spanish language series. Hogan Associates, a realty company servicing the Newport, RI area, introduced their very first video walk-through for a luxury property.
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It’s almost impossible today to imagine a video without professional graphics and animation. What was once viewed as a separate component to video editing has now become a mandatory element. Jerome Stern works with the latest After Effects technology and software plug-ins to bring to life the title sequence, on-screen graphics, and animation sequences that you require. MotionLife Media collaborated with AFD Creative, a Boston-area digital media company, to create the event animations for the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center 2012 One Hundred Gala Event. Another collaboration, this time with StoneMedia Productions, led to a brand essence animation for SkillSoft Live Learning, announcing their latest online training services.
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If you sell a product or a service, chances are you could benefit from a clean, straightforward training video. The key to a successful training video that will hold the viewer’s attention is to put as little distance as possible between the information and the audience. This can’t be accomplished without developing a strong relation between the content producer and the client, so that information can be relayed as simply and comprehensively as possible. Aeris Therapeutics, a medical device company, required a new approach for a detailed training video that would not only serve administering doctors and nurses, but pass FDA muster as well. Similarly, Diesel Direct, a nationwide on-site vehicle refueling service, had an immediate need for a series of procedural and safety videos to reach the company’s hundreds of drivers.
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